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Garden Centre | Garden Directory | Garden Outdoors Leisure
Gardening. The Garden and Outdoor Directory that promotes eco friendly and environmentally sustainable products and services, Natural pest control, organic fertilisers, companion planting and composting will ensure your garden remains productive, healthy and green. Patio furniture, homewares, plants, garden furniture and accessories.

Garden & Outdoors Directory offers Basic and premium listings to Outdoor and Garden Businesses

Gardening Shops

Barbecues Outdoor Cooking (10)
Barbecues Outdoor Cooking Equipment Outdoor Grills Gas BBQ Rotisseries BBQs Stoves Gas Barbecues Charcoal Barbecues Woodburners and Smokers

Botanical Gardens (10)
Botanical Gardens sub-tropical and exotic plants, shrubs and trees from around the world botanic garden in Britain

Garden Accessories (143)
Wall baskets candle lanterns chandeliers garden lights wicker baskets Bird Houses Feeders Bird Baths Garden Statues Garden Gnomes Irrigation Pots and Containers
Bird Houses, Feeders and Baths, Garden Statues, Gnomes, Irrigation, Pots and Containers, Sundials

Garden Centre Plant Nursery (276)
Garden Centre Plant Nursery Gardening centre for garden plants flowers Perennials Ferns Bamboos Grasses Climbing Plants Trees Shrubs Hedging
Bulbs, Fuchsias, Herbs, Pelargoniums, Roses, Seeds, Trees, Shrubs and Hedging, Tropicals and Exotics

Garden Structures (143)
Garden Buildings Decking Greenhouses Fences and Fencing Wooden Buildings Garden Spas Conservatories Gazebos Garden Retreat Garages workshops studios Garden office
Decking, Fences and Fencing, Garden Spas, Greenhouses, Wooden Buildings

Hydroponics Gardening (24)
Hydroponics gardening supplies and irrigation systems specialists, grow lights and environmental control indoor plant lighting, hydroponic grow systems

Landscaping Gardening (13)
Landscape gardening services Decking Patios and Paths Driveways Water Features Structures lawn turf and mulch chippings

Patio Garden (51)
Patio Garden Luxury Garden Furniture patio garden furniture, poolside sunloungers garden furniture, patio furniture, barbeques, patio heaters BBQ garden furniture

Pest Control (16)
Pest Control Problems with Unwanted Pests find pest control solutions for pest prevention elimination remove Rats Ants, Wasps Cats Fox traps, rodenticides, insecticides for rats, mice cockroaches, flies and deterrents for birds

Plant Feeds Soil Additives (12)
Plant Feeds Fertilisers Soil Additives fertilisers containing nutrients to maintain productivity Nitric Acid Plant Growth Ammonia Fertilisers

Water Gardening (46)
Water Gardening pond liners, pond filters, pumps, indoor & garden water features, pond and garden lights, oil lamps Water Garden Equipment and Fountains
Aquatic Plants

Our directory includes wholesale store offering Garden Sheds, Garden Furniture, Barbecues, Lawnmowers from Garden Centre
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3CH is equipped to meet your objectives. Providing only the highest quailty products at the most respectable value. 3CH is focused on Hydroponics UK urban...

Decorated Shed
Decorated Shed offer a range of garden offices, studios, lodges and annexes built with quality materials to exacting standards - perfect for work, leisure...

Trap Man
The Trap Man. UK Trap manufacturers & suppliers of humane and live catch animal / vermin traps for quick UK delivery from our own large stocks. These include...

Herbal medicines
Herbal medicine is a complementary therapy that uses plants or plant extracts to treat illness. There are numerous herbal products available that claim to...

Oxford Botanic Garden
University of Oxford Botanic Garden. We are often asked how a botanic garden differs from other types of gardens. Botanic gardens are collections of plants...

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Hart Canna
Offers Canna rhizomes by mail order. Describes the plant with catalogue and cultivation notes.

British Roses
Rumwood Nurseries and Garden Centre in Kent offers online rose catalogue for bare root and potted roses, including standard roses.

Capital Spas
Offers a range of portable hot tub spas, bath spas and jacuzzi baths. Sells online as agents for the manufacturer.

+ Gardening News

Waiting for Lilacs

When will the weather make a decision one way or the other? It sure has been playing with us, this year. Daffodils announce that winter is over, but I don't really know it's spring until I can smell the lilacs. You get just a whiff of fragrance, as the flowers begin to show some color. For the full blast of scent, you have to be patient and let them completely open. Cross your fingers they'll finish opening before the rains knock them down, but hedge your bet and grab a few to bring indoors and scent the whole house.

Lilacs have been off  limits for warm climate gardeners, but that's beginning to change. New hybrids, like the Descanso series from California, bloom without a period of winter chill. Soon there will be no excuse not to indulge yourself in their heady scent. After all, they require minimal maintenance. You may need some extra patience, because lilacs can take several years before they flower. All the more reason to plant one right now.

Waiting for Lilacs originally appeared on Gardening on Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 at 07:42:23.

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Plants Undercover

It looks like spring is going to pounce on us, with little warning. That means I'll be pushing my luck and moving plants outdoors, with no guarantee the temperature will remain above freezing. Frost happens, even when you least expect it. In the fall, it can be a relief to finally be able to put your garden to bed. In the spring, it can send you into a panic, because you just put your plants out and wish you hadn't.

When that happens, I run around outdoors and throw covers over the plants. I used to use sheets, which work pretty well. They do get heavy when wet and can crush young plants. I eventually bought some row covers. They don't look like much and I wouldn't trust a coat made from them to keep me warm outside, but they are a quick and easy way to extend your growing season by a couple of weeks. Much to my surprise, they really work.

Row Covers, sometimes referred to as Floating Row Covers, are lightweight spun bonded synthetic fabrics that are laid over plants for protection against pests and temperatures. They are light enough to rest on the plants and allow light, water and even fertilizer to get through. In general, they add about 2-4 degrees F. protection. Depending of the weight of the fabric, you could keep your plants growing even when nighttime temps dip down into the mid-20s.

Learn More:

Plants Undercover originally appeared on Gardening on Monday, April 21st, 2014 at 09:55:38.

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The Fastest Growing Vegetables

There are finally some flashes of green, in my vegetable garden. The first leaves I harvested were from a perennial vegetable, sorrel. It actually started out a rosy-pink, but it has filled in nicely, despite the chilly nights it's been exposed to. But the spinach and arugula, and even the lettuce and peas have all broken ground. Apparently they are much hardier than I and I am delighted to see them. This is not the spring for patience. If you agree, here are the 6 fastest maturing vegetables to get started in your garden, for some much needed gratification.

The Fastest Growing Vegetables originally appeared on Gardening on Sunday, April 20th, 2014 at 10:05:12.

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Moss - Shade Plant or Eye Sore?

It's that time of year again, All the dampness has given many areas of my yard a lovely cover of moss. I like to revamp this post every year because few things divide gardeners like moss. I get as many letters about how to get rid of it as how to grow it. I can fully appreciate not wanting moss on the roof or the side of the house, but you can't beat it as a low-maintenance lawn alternative or for adding character to rocks and stone walls.

I won't pretend to be an expert on the different types of moss. That's something I'm saving for my retirement. But I can share how I make the most of mine and I've included some comments from prior years, so you can see what others think. For those of you who just can't share my enthusiasm for moss, David Beaulieu has some ideas for getting rid of it.

Moss - Shade Plant or Eye Sore? originally appeared on Gardening on Saturday, April 19th, 2014 at 10:32:27.

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It's National Garden Month!

April is National Garden Month. I hope you've been able to get out in your garden despite the crazy weather, because April is also the start of our Spring Flowers photo challenge. While you are out there working hard, it is so easy to forget to take photos of your spring garden. Put your camera in your garden tote and take some time to enjoy spring's surprises - and then share them with us.

And if you'd like to take things a step further, the National Gardening Association has 101 Ways to Celebrate National Garden Month. How about setting up a Pruning Calendar, learning how to make Compost Tea, organizing a Plant Swap or maybe a Park Clean up Day? Any suggestions you'd like to share? We can do a lot in a whole month.

It's National Garden Month! originally appeared on Gardening on Friday, April 18th, 2014 at 09:46:53.

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